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D'lecta Café

D'lecta Café beverages are made from the most authentic ingredients to infuse life in every cup. We offer quick and convenient online ordering so that you always have your favorite beverage waiting for you! Make your selections below and order now


We choose our teas from the best tea gardens from around India. With an array of natural flavors to choose from, D'lecta Café teas give you an amazingly refreshing experience just the way you like it!

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    Made from freeze dried pure Arabica coffee, our coffee is a delight for true coffee lovers.

  • Price :340/- Quantity :

    A premium blend of instant coffee, milk powder and sugar, our coffee premix delivers an unparalleled premix coffee experience.


Milke, India's first and only liquid dairy creamer makes beverage-brewing really simple, thanks to its aseptic packaging, the goodness of real cow milk and its ease of use.

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Never let your Tea Station run-out of the little things that help make a perfect beverage. Select and order from the items below:

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