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D'lecta Café

D'lecta Café aims to provide you with an optimum range of Beverage Solutions for every office, small or large. We are the first company in India to introduce vending solutions with tea brewing capability and aseptic beverage creamers, thus providing a beverage solution that will best suit your needs. Find your perfect solution below.

The Tea Station is a compactly-designed beverage solution for the needs of small and mid-size offices, and large corporate departments. It offers great ease-of-use and requires minimal investment in precious office resources to maintain. To top it off, it allows you to get your cup of steaming hot beverage in less than a minute, thus enhancing productivity and output!

Product Details

    Serves 50 beverages with just 1 refill once a day
    Homemade beverages with real milk in 30 seconds
    Wide selection of Tea & Coffee
    Milke and Sugar optional
    Doesn't need a Pantry or Refrigerator
    Minimal space and maintenance requirements
    30-day Money Back Guarantee!

Available with the Solution

Classic tea bags, Masala tea bags, Green tea bags, Coffee sachets, Milke, Sugar sticks , Stirrer

Why D'lecta Café ?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all vending machines and tea stations
    We offer the most competitive costs for beverages
    We have equipment options for small, large and individual work setups
    We offer a range of beverage options made especially for urban Indian consumers
    We offer brewed tea with real milk with or without sugar
    We offer best in class service standards with direct interface with the company for all supply and maintenance issue
    We are particular about hygiene and follow the highest standards set by FSSAI